Rene Magritte, in his "The Human Condition"sequel "Euclidean Walks ", exchanged the countryside and blue skyoutside the window for the roofs and streets of the city. After many years,when he recalled the setting sun outside the window, he employed the brokenglass to disassemble the landscape into fragments of the geometry, and the namedthe work "Evening Fall ".



Nowadays, geometry has dominated the currentcity and landscape, Margaret lost the key to the field, we admit the geometriccontrol of architecture on nature, and try to find a way to break, let geometrypromenade in nature, people roam in it.



Project Overview

The base is located in Jiashan County,Zhejiang province, which is close to the boundary of Shanghai. It is the keypoint for entering and leaving Shanghai in Zhejiang Province, with the busy butorderly surrounding traffic. The triangular plot is irregular, on one side isthe continuous architectural landscape generated by the urban expansion, on theother side is the green field to be developed urgently, while on another sideis the railway running at full load. The developers needs to build a landmarkbuilding in such a plot that can show the value of the region. It is thestarting point of the new city construction, the benchmark of the future imagewhich enable to gather popularity and serve the people.



Planning volume ratio and building heightrestrictions are severe. Thus from an overall perspective, we adopted differentstrategies according to different orientations.


On the northern side facing the city, we liftthe building up to the height defined by the restriction, to overlook the cityinterface, maintaining a dialogue with the city, which is also the start of theoverall form of the building. On the side which is adjacent to the train tracks, the building rises gradually, connecting with thetowering facade on the other side to generate a triangular shape, establishinga firm condition and upward trend.



Facing the green field, we lifted a corner ofthe ground appropriately to integrate the architecture with the naturallandscape better. In the middle of the building, the triangular volume is cutby curved surface to form a concave curved wall, which naturally encloses thecentral square while the interface is divided into two part by changing themorphology in the middle of the curved surface.




Curved Ceramic Bricks

The curved wall in the middle of thebuilding, is the testing ground reflecting the regional characteristics ofmaterials. We have noticed that the gray ceramic bricks commonly used in thesurrounding traditional dwellings are simple, warm, and full of the atmosphereof everyday life written by scholars. They are carriers of genius loci, justlike the plain dress of Jiangnan area showing the daily life, as well as thehustle and bustle of street which depicts the unique memory of the place.



So we thought about applying grey bricks tothe masonry of curved walls, and using such a rough and indigenous l materialto build this soft and modern wall.



Vertical poles of Veranda

In the facade of our building, we adopt thegrey space evolved from the traditional outer gallery form, to create moreinterfaces for scenarios. At the same time, the rhythmic façade poles producechanges in density and shadow under different angles and sunlight, which is themorphological embodiment of natural rhythm, allowing people to enjoy the subtleatmosphere of light changes.


If the curved ceramic bricks has a tendencyof brutalism aesthetics, reflecting the masculinity and ruggedness of men, thenthe vertical poles of facade should be endowed with the characteristics of theorder of elegance, just like the softness and delicacy of women. Balance theoverall texture of the building, so that users have a richer understanding ofit. We can't release naturalistic complex by using expensive timber as AlvaAlto, instead, we use wood grain transfer aluminum alloy plate to depict thewood exclusive surface, replacing the cold and harsh components to givebuilding a soft temperature.



Promenade the Geometry

We want to create a comprehensive experiencesystem, which is the path and space we shape -" Promenade the Geometry".